Chicago Lake, Illinois

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Chicago Lake

The safety and well-being of everyone who uses Uber is at the heart of what we do. We’re continuing to expand our response to COVID-19 with new features for our users, support for those who earn on our platform, and partnerships and initiatives that serve our cities.

Chicago Lake Boat Taxi

Commitment to safety

Drivers and delivery people

Most importantly, do not drive or deliver food* if you’re feeling sick

You can count on 24-hour support and assistance in emergency situations. 

You can also share travel information with family and friends. We take care of your safety so that you can quietly fulfill orders.

If you’re driving

We offer profitable cooperation and free branding of your car.

Stable place in a serious taxi service

Large number of orders

Free work schedule

If you’re delivering

You can select one or more additional travel conditions or individual services.

You can order a taxi online inexpensively to choose the necessary service from the list offered.

Commitment to safety

Our customers

Stay at home, if possible

During the pandemic period, it is more convenient to minimize physical contact with any surfaces, especially of common use.

We provide you with a safe trip and payment methods

When taking rides

Do you value your time and prefer to plan your day?

The car will arrive on time and will not keep you waiting

We follow all the rules of the road and will ensure a comfortable trip for you

When ordering through Eats

You can order through the app, it’s quick and convenient:

Take care of your comfort

Deliver your order in the shortest possible time

Voted the #1 Taxi Boat on Chicago Lake